Hire charges

The charge tariff for the Village Hall is outlined below.

To use the bar or to play music in the Village Hall the hirer must be a member of the Social Club, for this there is an charge of £8.00 per annum. Should the hirer chose to renew their subscription after 12 months they will then become eligible for the Social Club rate.

For the use of the bar there is a charge of £30.00 for both social and non-social club members, this is to cover the cost of bar staff for the evening. Should the hirer wish to provide their own drinks and alcohol then there is a corkage fee of £2.00 per person, with a minimum charge of £50.00. Please note that the bar is cash only.


Non-Social Club

Social Club Members

 Day Rate

9am -6pm 



 Evening Rate




24 hour Booking




Additional Hours £10.00ph £8.00ph

Use of Bar




£2 per person

Minimum £50.00

£2 per person

Minimum £50.00