Catherine Parsons book (the first item on the list below) tells of the early schools around the village and the building of the Church of England School in 1875.  There are some interesting notes on school life during the second World War in the School Log book extracts.  The last school  was closed in 1984 amid much controversary, which is also recorded in this section.  The school building is now the Village Hall.


‘Notes on Horseheath Schools’ by Catherine Parsons, 1921

Architect’s bill, 1875

School Log Book extracts 1907-08 + 1939-40

Proposal for new area school, 1962

‘Let’s Write’a selection of children’s poetry 1969-1917

School Handbook, 1982

‘The case for Horseheath School’, 1983

Thanksgiving Service 1984

Press Cuttings