Parish Council

The Parish Council is the first tier of local government and the closest to the village it serves. Its role is to represent the local community, provide services to meet local needs and improve quality of life and community well being. As a non-political body it is in the best position to understand and represent the views of the parishioners.

The Parish Council is made up of seven councillors – elected or co-opted from the local community – who meet regularly to make decisions on the work and direction of the council.  The Parish Council is, through its councillors, responsible to the people it represents.  When there are too few nominations for elections following vacancies or at the Council elections every 4 years, the Council co-opts new members.

Where we get our money from

Each year the Parish Council asks for a sum of money, called a precept, which is collected through your council tax.  This year the precept is £10,200.  Parish Councils can also apply for loans and grants and we currently get grants for footpaths maintenance and trees, such as the Jubilee oak, which was planted by the Cricket Field in 2012.  The Parish Council also sells Burial plots – for terms and conditions click here.  Income from these sources is used by the Parish Council to provide facilities and services for local people and to pay the Parish Clerk, etc.

What we do

The range of services provided by individual Parish Councils varies enormously.  In Horseheath the Parish Council:

  1. maintains public spaces, public rights of way, footpaths and verges and liaises with local government agencies such as Highways and Environment.
  2. provides, maintains and administers facilities – allotments, bus shelters, public seats, burial ground, litter bins, notice boards, some street lighting and the village sign.
  3. comments on planning applications to the District Council.
  4. undertakes special projects such as the Archive collection, Social Housing and this Website.
  5. administers 3 funds – Burial Ground – The Parish Council Burial Ground is behind the Churchyard.  Horseheath P.C. is saving a fund to build a new vehicle access across the allotments; – Village Sign – fund donated for maintenance of the sign; – Jim Johnson Memorial – annual book prize to Linton Village College.

The Parish Council can provide these services itself, or can financially help someone else (such as a charity or volunteer group) to do them. Parish Councils have the power to improve the quality of community life by spending money on things which, in their opinion, are in the interests of the parish or its inhabitants. Parish Councils are also the focal point for local consultation on matters such as planning applications, local strategic planning, schools and roads. On all these issues the Parish Councillors represent the Parish’s views to other authorities such as District and County Councils.

Where and when

Horseheath Parish Council meets every two months in January, March, May, July, September and November, on the 2nd Monday of the month, at 7.45pm at The Village Hall.
The meeting is open to all parishioners, is attended by our County and District Councillors and has a time at the beginning of the meeting for questions from parishioners.

Who we are

Chair: John Howard

Councillors:  Stuart Miller, Terry Mundy, Nichola Murray, John Miles, Perri Concarr

If you need to get in touch with the Parish Council please contact the Horseheath Parish Clerk, Melanie Laing on