Village Archives

The Village Archives are presented in a number of sections which can be accessed from the menu bar above or from the section list below.

All Saints’ Church


Census and other records

Horseheath Hall

Horseheath Lodge

Horseheath Properties

Horseheath Schools

The Village

Writings on Horseheath

We also have an extensive collection of photographs, which can be bought as DVD’s – To buy DVD’s email

Vol.1 – 150 old photographs 1868-2004 with captions.                                                                £15

Vol.2 – 250 photographs from Memories Day 2007, including a big group shot.                         £5

Vol.3 – 150 old photographs 1901-2008 with captions.                                                                £15

Vol.4 – 200 photographs from Millennium celebrations 2000, street party, fancy dress, races.  £5

Vol.5 – Films and recordings 1960-1984                                                                                       £15                 Cine films (no sound) of Park Farm 1960; Church Fête 1961; Last train to Haverhill 1967; Angela and Terry Wright’s wedding 1968; Video (with sound) of Save the School 1983 + ‘On your doorstep’ BBC Radio programme 1984, featuring interviews with Jane Harwood, Brian Mizon, Frank Grubb, Jim and Joan Johnson, John Loftus, Freddie Barker, John Short and Roy Polley.

Please mail if you can contribute archives – we would love receive any materials to do with Horseheath and its people.

The Archive Collection may also be borrowed as hard copies along with 5 albums of photographs plus a CD of songs from The Batson Arms – email

Horseheath Parish Council has organised and funded the Village Archives and would like to thank the following for lending materials and helping produce the collection:  Jeff Aldridge, Pat Aplin, Christine & Paul Banks, Derek & Les Barker, Gillian Blackmore, Nanette Blackmore, Sally Boyles, Jane Bradbury, David Brown, Ken Bruce, Mary & Eric Buckle, Jonathan Cave, Amanda Chapman, Marilyn Clutton, Anthea Coomber, Marion Corbett, Marcus Cornish, Colin Crissall, Glenn Darby, Trevor Davis, Ray Daynes, Jenny Ellicott, Michael Evan-Jones, Jamie Flanagan, Linda Gilbert, Bill Goodwin, John Greenwood, Siobhan Harrison, Don Harvey, Tim Imrie, Alan Isaacs, Sheila Jacobs, Heather Jones, Janet Kelday, Carol Ketteridge, Ruth & Duncan Keys, Jonathan Knowles, Ted Ling, Sir Arthur Marshall, Kit Martin, Stephen Mattick, Philip McCaughan, Nita & Stuart Miller, Elizabeth Mizon, Heather Mizon, Jenny & Brian Mizon, Janet Morris, Robert Moss, Christine and Pauline Newman, Peggy Notley, Sue Orwell, Rhett Parker, Rosemarie Parks, Esther & Sandra Pearson, Billy & Wally Potter, Adrienne Powell, Jean Reader, Jenny & John Richards, Charles Richardson, Alex & Ian Rose, Sheila Rowe, Jane Ruse, Chas Salmon, Joan Searle, Clifford Searle-Baker, John Short, Pat Smith, Gary Stinton, Phyllis Stow, Geoffrey Tabram, Trevor Tabram, Joan Taylor, John Vale, Anita Walker, Betty Walker, Tom Walker, Frank Walters, Emma Washbrook, Sally Webb, Rosie Wenham, John Whittingham, Sue Wilton, Joan Whittaker, Robert Winterford, Angela & Terry Wright, Christopher Wright