Pollinator Action Plan

The Horseheath pollinator action plan has three main strands:


1 – To make the burial ground an excellent environment to support bees and other pollinators
2 – To encourage everyone in Horseheath to review their gardens to provide the best support we can to bees and other pollinators
3 – Finally to work with other bodies to make all our public spaces bee and pollinator friendly.


You can see the aims of the project at Project aims


Here is the pollinator information sheet we have developed to help us all think about making our gardens more bee friendly in Horseheath…..


Pollinator info sheet


In order to gauge how effective our Horseheath Pollinator Action Plan is, we are asking local residents to survey their garden for bee and pollinator friendly plants this month. We aim to repeat this in a years time…. if you have not already completed our easy plant audit, please could you do it before the end of November? You can return a scanned or electronically completed copy to me at JohnHHPC@gmail.com….here is the link. Thanks for your help and support!

Pollinator survey sheet


Finally, we would love for help in developing a new planting plan for the Horseheath Parish Council Burial Ground. Here’s a rough idea – if you have some better ideas please do send me your thoughts!