[singlepic id=13 w= h= float=right]After the successful launch morning held last November we have continued to work on the pollinator project. 11 families kindly completed our base line plant audit to gauge the number of pollinator friendly plants we have in our back gardens in 2018. An enthusiastic group created the new borders in the burial ground on Saturday 19th January. The Parish Council is just going through the process of finding suppliers for the proposed planting plan which has been approved by the biodiversity partnership. The aim is to plant using a mix of flowering plants, shrubs and bulbs to give all year colour and nutritional support to pollinators. All the plants are recognised as being excellent food sources for insects by the Royal Horticultural Society. 

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We hope to have the plants available by the end of April and are planning to have a village burial ground planting morning on Saturday 27th April commencing at 10am; this is the weekend after Easter. There will be refreshments and cakes and an opportunity for all ages to do some planting, as well as to discuss the next steps for the burial ground. We are also still in conversation with the Church about leaving some grass areas in the churchyard to grow long throughout the spring and summer allowing the natural meadow plants dormant in the soil to flower. These areas are off the main thoroughfares and away from the graves; we hope all visitors to the church will appreciate the wild flower displays we expect to emerge. These areas will have a single cut by the mower in late summer allowing further seeding of the wild flowers present. 


John and Frances Howard report that they have maintained a small bee house in the garden in White Chimneys throughout the summer of 2018. As Red Mason Bee guardians, John and Frances were supplied with 32 red mason bee cocoons at the start of the season. They have now heard that the number of healthy red mason bee cocoons created in their bee house by the end of the season was 167 – so the bees really do like it here in Cardinals Green and Horseheath! For more information and to take part in the red mason bee guardian scheme see https://www.masonbees.co.uk/bee-guardians – it’s great fun to see these beautiful, non-stinging highly effective pollinators flying around your garden.


We hope local residents will want to come and share the excitement of planting up our new border in the burial ground on Saturday April 27th and look forward to seeing you there. More information including the results of the wildflower audit can be found on the website and the Horseheath Facebook page, or from terryhpc@icloud.com or johnHHPC@gmail.com.