This application, called ‘Land adjacent to The Old Police House, Linton Road’ was the subject of a recent village survey and along with strong feelings expressed at the Parish Council meeting guided the P.Council  to recommend refusal of permission.  This matter came before the South Cambs D.C. Planning Committee today and was refused in spite of the Planning Officer’s advice to grant it.   The vote was unanimous, which surprised us all.

Rosanne Mattick from the Residents Group spoke, as did Stuart Miller from the Parish Council and our Dist. Councillor Richard Turner.  All the main objections were covered in the 3 submissions and the committee particularly picked up on Horseheath’s categorization as an infill village in previous Local Plans and the special nature of the view.   The Infill point is often overturned by the lack of an agreed Local Plan/ 5 year housing supply argument and the special nature of the view is not normally allowed as it is not a ’material consideration’ but had particularly struck the committee when they visited the site yesterday.

The Parish Council paid a Planning Consultant, Corrie Newell, and her work and the input from the Residents Group, particularly their village opinion survey, was considerable and very useful, and deserves our thanks.  We don’t know the next step but guess that the applicant will probably lodge an appeal.

Stuart Miller, Chair, Horseheath Parish Council